Currently, Alzheimer’s disease affects 5.3 million Americans.

Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise, and although research has come a long way for treating the disease, it’s important to know that it is still a very real problem. Understanding the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease is necessary for early diagnosis. Why is early diagnosis important for Alzheimer’s patients? Our memory care professionals in Chapel Hill  have come up with this list to help you understand why early diagnosis is so important:

#1. You’ll have a much more accurate diagnosis.

According to the Alzheimer’s & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin, patients who seek out help in the early stages of the disease get more accurate diagnoses. This is largely due to the fact that these patients are more lucid when describing symptoms and providing the doctor with their family history. The more clearly the patient communicates, the more accurate the diagnosis is likely to be.

#2. It empowers you to make important decisions about your future.

Once diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, there are a large number of decisions that will need to be made about your future. Who will take care of you when you need help? How will you pay for your care? These are just a few of the many decisions you will have to make, and early detection empowers you to make those decisions on your own rather than having someone else make them for you.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more about why early detection is so important for Alzheimer’s patients.