About LiveWell Assisted Living

LiveWell’s care philosophy embraces aging as a unique and precious opportunity in one’s life for discovery, growth and restorative activities, not a time for idleness, decline, and despair. Our custom-designed care programs build on the unique moments of each individual’s daily life from which we foster an environment where each day is filled with encouragement, achievement, and well-being.

Our assisted living has a different kind of care philosophy.

With an extensive network of clients whose individual care needs range from moderate assisted living support to advance stage memory care, LiveWell is uniquely qualified to design and, as needed, redesign older adult care programs that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to providing housekeeping, grooming, and transportation support, examples of the type of constructive activities that we coordinate for our clients include gardening, photography, creative writing, visiting artists and lecturers, dance and fitness, pet therapy, music therapy, children visits, community service, and religious services. Not only do we offer care services in our own communities, but with our in-home care services, your loved one can receive quality care in the comfort of their own home!

LiveWell Assisted Living represents over 10 years of successful healthcare management experience. The decision to create LiveWell Assisted Living was inspired by the lessons learned and the caregiving experiences we had caring for our aging mother as she battled cancer.

While our mother’s medical condition was well managed by her doctors at the renowned hospital where she was treated, the medication and physical therapies they prescribed did little to counter her boredom, fear, loneliness, and depression. In particular, as we noticed our mother’s zest and enthusiasm deteriorating, the limitations of the medication model with regards to her individual quality of life became glaringly clear.

Subsequently, we decided to create a care program modeled after mom’s lifestyle. Rather than structuring her life around her medical treatments, we instead structured her medical treatments around her life. With this renewed perspective, we immediately realized that our mom’s lifestyle standards, her life (post-cancer diagnosis) lacked sufficient joy, spontaneity, and excitement.

To remedy this, we encouraged family members and neighbors to drop by unannounced (even if it was for a few minutes and a hug). We asked friends with active children and/or pets to bring them along during their visits. We hired a musician who specialized in music from mom’s era to serenade her. Volunteers came into the home to lead art workshops, along with her pastor and fellow church members, who stopped by on Sundays.

Taking care of our mom opened our eyes to best practices in caregiving for older adults and the lifestyle-driven care model that is the core of our offering. As such, our family is sincerely honored by the opportunity to serve you and your loved ones.


The Beckett Family