1. Traveling with Dementia

    By Sharon Hall, Parentgiving contributor I am a family caregiver to my mother, who is 94, has dementia and lives with us. I am also a caregiver to my 64-year-old husband who has frontotemporal degeneration (FTD), the leading cause of dementia under the age of 60. We have always enjoyed traveling. Before my husband’s diagnosis, I took Mom on several bucket trips: One to Chicago (we live near Atla…Read More

  2. Long Term Care Insurance: 10 Frequently Asked Questions

    Long term care could be one of the biggest age-related challenges we face. Take a moment to ask yourself: Do you have a long term care plan? If your plan involves other family members or friends, have you spoken to them about it? Chances are you may not be prepared to handle the costs of long term care needs should you get sick or be unable to stay in your home. That’s where long term care insur…Read More

  3. Family Caregiving and Your Marriage

    Marriage is tough enough. Add in a family member who needs care, and it’s the beginning of the perfect storm. When the married couple work and/or have children, well you might have a tsunami brewing. And taking care of your relationship before the rushing, overwhelming water hits is vital! Many of us have to work at our marriage on a daily basis. We make the decision to love our spouse through t…Read More

  4. Immune Boosting Tips for Seniors Part 3

    A weakened immune system is a common side effect of the aging process.  With flu and cold season upon us, it is important for seniors to take steps to strengthen their immune systems. Age compromises the immune system, and when you have a weakened immune system, something as simple as the flu can be very dangerous. That's why, in our last blog, our in home care professionals in Raleigh went over …Read More

  5. Immune Boosting Tips for Seniors Part 2

    Age affects our bodies in many ways, including weakening our immune systems.  While it's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your immune system strong when you are young, it becomes even more important as you age. In fact, respiratory infections, including pneumonia and influenza, are the leading causes of death for people over the age of 65, so, as a senior, keeping your immune sy…Read More

  6. Immune Boosting Tips for Seniors

    The older we get, the more susceptible we are to disease, infections and even cancer.  The last thing anyone wants is to get sick, and in order to avoid illness, you need to take steps to make your immune system strong. Studies have found that the aging process reduces the response of the immune system, and that is why it's so important for seniors to do what they can to boost their immune system…Read More

  7. How Assisted Livings Improve Quality of Life Part 3

    Did you know that living in an assisted living in Raleigh can actually improve your quality of life?  Many people think that moving into an assisted living is the end of freedom and independence, but if you have had a chance to read our latest blog, then you already know that assisted livings can actually improve your quality of life. The following is a list of the last few ways that an assisted …Read More

  8. How Assisted Livings Improve Quality of Life Part 2

    Want to improve your quality of life? If so, it's time for you to think about moving into an assisted living community! There are many benefits to living at home, but as you age, it gets more and more difficult to live on your own. Not only is living on your own isolating, it can also be dangerous. In our last blog, we went over just a few of the ways that you can improve your quality of life by m…Read More

  9. How Assisted Livings Improve Quality of Life

    Some people see an assisted living as the end of their life, but in reality, an assisted living can improve your quality of life in many ways.  Moving into an assisted living can be difficult, but the fact of the matter is that change is never easy, no matter what kind of change it is. However, as difficult as it can be to leave your home and move into a new place, living in an assisted living…Read More

  10. Tips for Creating a Happy Holiday for Your Loved One with Dementia Part 2

    The holidays are a wonderful time,  but they aren't always easy when your loved one has dementia.  Dementia is an incredibly difficult disease, not just for the person who suffers from dementia, but for all of their friends and family as well. The last thing that anyone wants is to celebrate the holidays without their loved one, and luckily, you can read about helpful tips for creating a happy h…Read More