Redefining the Care Continuum

  • A non-traditional approach delivering non-traditional results.
  • Wide range of services tailored to meet your loved one’s specific care needs, regardless of where they fall on the care spectrum.
  • From moderate assisted living support, to comprehensive end of life care, we are uniquely positioned to ensure a sustained quality of life.
  • Care plans encompass social interaction, discovery and a connection with nature,  nurturing the body, minds and souls of our clients.
  • An industry-leading 1 to 3 staff-to-resident ratio allows us to maximize the time and attention dedicated to each of our residents.
  • LiveWell assisted living home and prescribed Home Care solution reflects our fundamental appreciation for each individual’s unique lifestyle needs and preferences.

About Us

Care Home Corporation was specifically created to address the increasing and diverse range of care needs required by this population. Our company has experienced both organic growth and strategic acquisitions…

Custom Care Solutions

With the sheer increase in the number of senior care consumers, the community of senior care service providers needs to expand the capacity and scope of our senior care solutions. As the only operator of multiple memory care homes and a home care agency in the Triangle Area, our company is uniquely positioned for success in this market.

Get Started

LiveWell’s care philosophy embraces aging as a unique and precious opportunity in one’s life for discovery, growth and restorative activities, not a time for idleness, decline and despair. We want to help our clients and residents celebrate each of life’s moments!



Celebrate Life’s Moments…Welcome to LiveWell!

Each day is a gift. At LiveWell, we recognize how precious each moment is for your aging loved ones.

Our memory care, in-home care and assisted living programs build on the moments unique to each resident to create a day filled with discovery, joy, encouragement and well being.

Our close-knit communities allow our resident care teams to spend as much time as your loved one needs to encourage growth, social interaction and the appropriate level of independence.

LiveWell’s programs and activities promote healthy bodies, minds and spirits, and they represent the current research on aging, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

LiveWell is dedicated to creating a meaningful living experience for our residents.

Long-Term Care the way you would design it!

You need a Solution

LiveWell offers In-Home Care and Residential Assisted Living & Memory Care. Which service(s) meet you where you and your loved one are today?

Let our team help!

We love what we do! From planning and coordination to communication and execution, we make sure your loved one is safe where they are now and that their transition to our care is seamless!

Our solutions adapt to your needs!

We are solutions oriented, focused on outcomes that are impactful and minimize disruption.

What works best for you?

What works best for you?
Live Well has a versatile suite of high-end, high-touch services and since our inception in 2011 we have developed our model around the understanding that, “Smaller is Better for the Elderly.”

Action plan development.

Come take a tour of one of our care homes! Meet our care team members demonstrating, in real time, the exceptional caregiving you can expect for your loved one.

You're not ready to move just yet?

This is an ideal place for us to start our conversation. LiveWell In-Home Caregivers will help transition with your loved one(s) to our Care Homes. Starting your caregiving journey will LiveWell provides a continuity of care that isn’t recognized in a traditional in-home care agency relationship.

We need a 24/7 Care Home Environment.

At your service! LiveWell operates licensed 24/7 assisted living & memory care all within the comfort of an upscale, residential home. We never have more than 6 residents per home and have a 1 to 3 staff-to-resident ratio during waking hours and return to 1 awake overnight staff at night.

Choosing LiveWell as your Care Partner.

We are honored. LiveWell operates like a virtual Continuing Care Retirement Community, the difference is we see residential, single-family homes as THE BEST place to maintain and encourage a superior quality of life for senior adults!

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