1. The Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

    Isn’t yoga just for young people? Although, when many people think of yoga, they imagine young, lean people forcing their bodies into awkward positions, many seniors love to practice yoga as well! When practiced safely and correctly, yoga can actually be incredibly beneficial for seniors, but it is important to consult your doctor before starting any new form of physical activity. The following …Read More

  2. Common Misconceptions About Aging Part 2

    Don’t let the common misconceptions about aging ruin your golden years! Our expectations are incredibly powerful. If you expect something to be bad, then there’s a strong likelihood that it will. That’s why, in our last post, our assisted living in Durham shed some light on common misconceptions about aging. Keep reading to learn the truth about more of them: #4. Health problems are inevitab…Read More

  3. Common Misconceptions About Aging

    There are a lot of people who have the wrong impression of aging. Aging can be a beautiful part of life, and there is a very good reason why the later years are often called the golden years. However, if you expect aging to be a negative thing, then chances are, for you it will be. Perception is a very powerful thing, and that is why you need to be aware of the many common misconceptions about agi…Read More

  4. Managing Difficult Behaviors That Result From Dementia Part 2

    Are your loved one’s difficult, dementia-related behaviors making your feel hopeless and lost? If so, you’ve come to the right place. There are many things about caring for someone with dementia that are challenging, but personality changes and difficult behaviors tend to be the hardest on loved ones and caregivers alike. That’s why, in our previous post, our memory care professionals in Dur…Read More

  5. Managing Difficult Behaviors That Result From Dementia

    Dementia comes with many challenges, but difficult behaviors can be some of the hardest to overcome. When your once sweet and calm parent starts cussing at you, throwing things or insulting you, it can often leave you feeling lost and hopeless. Behavior and personality changes are a common occurrence in people who suffer from dementia, but luckily, you aren’t powerless and you don’t have to fa…Read More

  6. Tips to Help Seniors Become More Social

    Is your loved one lonely? Social isolation and loneliness are strikingly common, and they will only increase as our older population continues to grow. Although many older adults would prefer to live at home, one study found that around 43% of seniors who live at home were socially isolated. As you can see, loneliness and isolation are major problem for older adults in the United States, and unfor…Read More

  7. How to Protect Your Joints Part 2

    If you want to remain active and healthy, protecting your joints is essential. As we discussed in our last blog, when you have painful joints, it limits your activity and leads to weight gain, which puts even more pressure on your joints. Painful joints are often the beginning of a vicious cycle, but the good news is that there are things you can do to protect your joints. In our last blog, we wen…Read More

  8. How to Protect Your Joints

    Painful joints are the beginning of a viscous cycle. When your joints are in pain, regardless of whether it is caused by arthritis or something else, it makes it difficult to do just about anything. As humans, we are inclined to listen to our bodies very attentively. When we are in pain, we rest until the pain subsides, but when you have joint pain, resting often makes the problem worse. The more …Read More

  9. Why Respite Care is Important

    We all need a break every once in awhile! There is nothing more rewarding than caring for a loved one. You get to spend a whole lot of time with them and get to know them in a new way, but it isn’t always an easy job. No matter how devoted and dedicated you are to caring for your loved one, you need a break every once in awhile, and you can get that break by turning to our beautiful assisted liv…Read More

  10. Exercises to Improve Your Balance Part 2

    Falls are a major problem, but they aren’t inevitable! Although it is all too common for older people to fall, there are certain steps that you can take to minimize your risk. One great way to minimize your risk for falling is by improving your balance. In our last blog, our in home care providers in Raleigh went over a few exercises that can help you balance. Keep reading to learn about more ea…Read More