Our assisted living is unlike any other!

LiveWell offers concierge-style assisted living communities, featuring 24/7 on-site staff support. LiveWell’s lifestyle-driven care model is designed to meet each individual resident where ever they are on the spectrum of assisted living need and evolve, as needed, to maximize each individual’s sense of independence. Assisted living at LiveWell is an ideal option for active older adults who are life-long learners who seek a stimulating environment within a close-knit community.

LiveWell rejects the notion of relocating older adults based solely on age and, instead, embraces an ideology of more naturally occurring communities where residents of all ages are welcomed. To this end, locations for LiveWell’s assisted living homes are intentionally selected to maximize each resident’s quality of life, cultural affinity and connection to a specific community.

Rather than the more sedentary concept of “Aging in Place”, LiveWell believes in a more proactive assisted living model that is committed to creating environments where residents are provided with tools, so that they are continually “Thriving In Place”

Senior care services and acvities include but are not limited to:

Transportation services as required

  • Out of home entertainment activities
  • Computer training
  • Out of home sports activities
  • On-site flexibility and fitness programs
  • Digital photography
  • Drum Circle
  • Games and Movies
  • Community service
  • Religious services
  • Nature Walks
  • Cooking Classes
  • Road Trips/Excursions