Livewell Assited Living

Our Director of Wellness is ‎a licensed nurse who will work with you prior to the admission of your loved one and as needed thereafter to create an individualized care plan that meets your loved ones needs.

The Administrator oversees the assisted living home and maintains close contact with the family member or responsible party by way of a telephone call or in person when they are visiting the resident.

The Direct Care Team leads activities in our assisted living communities and provides direct care for residents and in home care clients.

Our lifestyle driven care model incorporates activities specifically chosen to nurture the mind, body and spirit of each individual. LiveWell lifestyle activities include gardening, photography, creative writing, visiting artists and lecturers, dance and fitness, pet therapy, children visits, music therapy and community service.


We recognize how precious each moment is for our aging loved ones. Our custom designed care programs build on the unique moments of each individual’s daily life to foster an environment where each day is filled with encouragement, achievement and wellbeing.


LiveWell's care philosophy embraces aging as a unique and precious opportunity in one's life for discovery, growth and restorative activities, not a time for idleness, decline and despair. We want to help our clients and residents celebrate each of life's moments!