The holidays are a wonderful time,  but they aren’t always easy when your loved one has dementia. 

Dementia is an incredibly difficult disease, not just for the person who suffers from dementia, but for all of their friends and family as well. The last thing that anyone wants is to celebrate the holidays without their loved one, and luckily, you can read about helpful tips for creating a happy holiday for your loved one with dementia in our latest  blog. Today, our memory care professionals in Durham will be finishing up our list with these last few tips:

#4. Watch what you serve your loved one at mealtimes. 

There are certain things, like sugary foods and drinks, that can exacerbate the negative behaviors associated with dementia, so avoid giving your loved one too much of these foods. It’s also important to avoid giving your loved one too much alcohol, as this could increase their risk for falling. If you plan on giving them alcohol at all, consult their physician before your party.

#5. Involve your loved one in the preparations for your party. 

People of all ages like to feel included and useful, and that fact doesn’t change when someone has dementia. There are lots of little things you can do to get your loved one involved in your party preparations, like decorating cookies, hanging decorations, setting the table, etc.

#6. Create a quiet place for your loved one. 

Even a small get-together can be overwhelming for someone who has dementia, so it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in place. If you notice that your loved one is getting too agitated or stressed, take them to a quiet place where they can relax and calm down.