Concerned about your loved one who has dementia this holiday season?

As the holidays rapidly approach, many of us are starting to plan holiday get-togethers and meals for our family and friends. Unfortunately, dementia makes many things more challenging, including mealtimes. As the disease progresses, it could lead to altered depth perception, difficulty handling utensils, challenges with swallowing and chewing and many more eating difficulties. Luckily, our memory care specialists in Raleigh have come up with this list of a few things you can do to make holiday meals easier for your loved one:

#1. Cook your loved one’s favorite foods.

Sometimes, even getting your loved one interested in eating at all can be a challenge in itself. That’s why it can help to make your loved one’s favorite foods for them and remind them that they like to eat those things. This will help to at least spark their interest in the meal.

#2. Make sure they can clearly see the food and the plate.

Make it a point to use contrasting colors for your tablecloth, napkins, plates, etc. This will help your loved one to be able to clearly see the food that they are served.

#3. Serve one course at a time.

With everything out on the table at once, it can be very overwhelming. Make each course easier for your loved one to focus on by serving them one at a time.

If you need any help planning out a meal for your loved one who has dementia, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our memory care givers are trained and experienced, and we are always happy to help!