Is your loved one lonely?

Social isolation and loneliness are strikingly common, and they will only increase as our older population continues to grow. Although many older adults would prefer to live at home, one study found that around 43% of seniors who live at home were socially isolated. As you can see, loneliness and isolation are major problem for older adults in the United States, and unfortunately they can lead to mood disorders, like depression, that have been linked to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Healthy aging is about keeping the body and the mind healthy, and that’s why our in home care professionals in Chapel Hill have come up with these tips to help your loved one become more social:

#1. Make transportation readily available for your loved one.

One of the biggest reasons why seniors tend to be so isolated is that many of them don’t drive anymore. Without transportation, it’s incredibly difficult to get out and about. Make sure that your older loved one has plenty of people to contact for a ride, and if they are well enough, it is a good idea to teach them how to use public transportation.

#2. Find group activities your loved one will enjoy.

Whether your loved one loves to play bridge or go birding, you can bet that there is a community group that they will enjoy. Not only will this get your loved one out of the house, but he or she will also have the opportunity to make friends with other seniors who have similar interests and hobbies.