A weakened immune system is a common side effect of the aging process. 

With flu and cold season upon us, it is important for seniors to take steps to strengthen their immune systems. Age compromises the immune system, and when you have a weakened immune system, something as simple as the flu can be very dangerous. That’s why, in our last blog, our in home care professionals in Raleigh went over a few tips to help you boost your immune system. Today, our experts will be finishing up our blog series with these last few immune boosting tips for seniors:

#6. Get plenty of sleep. 

Sleep is a must if you want to boost your immune system. In fact, sleep is one of the best and easiest ways to boost your immune system naturally. Not only will sleep help to prevent you from getting sick in the first place, if you do get sick, sleep can help you to recover more effectively.

#7. Drink lots of water. 

As we age, we sense thirst less and less, which is why it is very important for seniors to drink plenty of liquids. Aim for 8-9 glasses of water, coffee or tea every single day to lower your chance of getting the flu or a cold.

#8. Wash your hands frequently and properly.

Washing your hands frequently and properly is the best thing you can do to prevent the spread of disease, but it will also help to keep you healthy. When you wash your hands, make sure you lather your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.