Falls are a major problem, but they aren’t inevitable!

Although it is all too common for older people to fall, there are certain steps that you can take to minimize your risk. One great way to minimize your risk for falling is by improving your balance. In our last blog, our in home care providers in Raleigh went over a few exercises that can help you balance. Keep reading to learn about more easy exercises that can improve your balance:

#4. Heel to Toe Walk

Practice walking in a straight line by placing the heel of one foot directly ahead of the toes of the other foot. Hold your arms up and out to the side and pick a spot on the wall or in the distance to focus on as you breathe and walk slowly across the imaginary line.

#5. Reaching for It

Place a light, easy-to-grip item on an elevated surface, like a table or a chair. Stand with your right side parallel to the item with your feet hips-width apart.  Keep both feet planted firmly into the floor and then bend at your waist while you reach for the item. Practice the exercise on the other side, and then repeat both sides up 10 times.

For all of the exercises that we’ve gone over, it is important to stabilize your spine by activating your abdominal muscles. If you are looking for more exercises to help improve your balance, consider taking a Tai Chi or yoga class designed for seniors. Regular exercise, like going on walks or working in the garden, can also help to build muscle, which can also improve your balance.